Can I stay longer than one session?
Yes. The double session is our best program. Some campers even stay as many as five sessions. Get your campers to extend their stay!


Can individuals sign up for 7-day sessions?
Yes. Seven-day sessions are only offered in session 5. We find the 10-day format to be superior. The seven-day program is designed to be a lower cost alternative.


What are the accommodations like?
Salmon River Reserve Campus: a home away from home in one of our two campus houses. Campers are grouped in bedrooms by gender and age and may request their roommates.


What is the food like?
The food is great! It is prepared by our hired chef, and served on site at The Resort. Healthy, home-cooked meals with homemade breads and desserts are served to the campers daily!


How is the supervision?
We are involved in supervised activities from wake up to bedtime.We provide 24-hour supervision. Parents may refer to our ski camp safety policy for more information and a note to parents from Brad Alire, NASC Director.


Do you pick up at Portland International Airport for Summer Camp at Mt. Hood?
Yes. The price is included in camp fees.


How many participants in each session and when do the sessions fill?
We accept 45 skiers in each session and they begin to fill from first to last in March.


What are the ages and sexes of the participants?
Usually about 60% boys and 40% girls, ranging in age from 8-18. All groups are represented in each session with the largest group being the ages of 13-17.


Can adults attend?
Adults are invited to join in session 1 and 2.


What type of skiers attend the camp?
All sorts! From kids who enjoy skiing and want to improve, to kids who ski daily and race in international competitions.


How do we communicate with campers?
We are involved in so many activities it is difficult to find someone by the phone. Most campers have their own cell phones, so that is a good way to communicate. You can always reach the camp office at 800-453-6272. Cancellation Policy: More than 90 days full refund.
more than 60 days 1/2 refund. Cancellation less than 60 days out, no refund.