Since 1984, National Alpine Ski Camp has consistently provided the most comprehensive summer ski camp on Mt. Hood. NASC has programs running all summer for all levels of skiers. We have session dates and prices that will work for you. Join us for the most memorable experience of your life.

Experience excellence and quality in all aspects of summer camp. NASC coaches are some of the best ski educators in the country and were hand selected to work at NASC because of their expertise and passion for coaching young athletes.

NASC caters to all levels and abilities. Whether you are a USSA or FIS-level racer, on a team, or just want to have more fun skiing, National Alpine Ski Camp is the camp for you.

More than 10,000 NASC athletes agree… NASC ROCKS!

The NASC Belief System

  • We believe in making a positive difference in people’s lives by sharing our passion for skiing and respect for the mountain environment.
  • We believe that skiing mastery requires correct biomechanical alignment.
  • We believe that the ski needs to be used as a tool and as it was designed.
  • We believe that balanced, efficient movements are generated from the feet up.
  • We believe that movements should be continuous and fluid.
  • We believe that skiing movements are similar to walking.
  • The outside leg provides balance and support.
  • The inside leg initiates movement.
  • We believe that efficient balancing starts at the feet and aligned support leg.
  • We believe that modern skiing requires linear and diagonal movement.
  • We believe that success with our athletes is based upon clear, simple communication; we care!
  • We believe that loving everything about skiing — the snow, weather, environment, camaraderie, and the challenge — is a goal worthy of our pursuit.
  • We believe in the value of using the “athlete-centered” teaching model.

Ski Camp Training Methods

National Alpine Ski Camp coaches are some of the best in the industry. They are all are trained in the “athlete-centered” coaching model. This modern method of coaching allows the coach to quickly identify each individual athlete’s motivation, understanding, and movements. The coach can then custom tailor a ski training program to facilitate the athlete’s motivation, understanding and movements matching their teaching style to each athlete’s individual learning style.

The athlete-centered coaching model creates a highly effective learning partnership between the athlete and the coach. Athlete-centered coaching utilizes the movement pools that are used in skiing, quickly isolates skill deficiencies in the athlete, and builds progressions to develop the inefficient skill.

We use modern US Ski Team fundamental tactics and technique to develop proper strategy and line in the race course. We can do a comparative video analysis to compare both tactics and techniques of each athlete.

Individualized Ski Training

NASC is unique because we keep the ski groups small, allowing us to individualize the coaching program for each athlete. A 6-to-1 athlete-to-coach ratio (maximum) allows us to meet the individual needs of each athlete. The athlete-centered teaching methodology combined with a low athlete-to-coach ratio allows the ski camp coaches to develop an individual focus for each athlete rather than just a group focus.

No refunds are allowed within 100 days of registration. Inside of 100 days, the deposit will be extended to another session.

Challenging Ski Training Terrain Designed for Safety

NASC has four private ski training areas (two steep lanes and two flatter lanes) that are meticulously prepared and salted to maximize quality for gate training. Because we use four different training lanes, we can get each athlete on terrain that will maximize their performance.

We also use special terrain configurations to challenge the athlete’s balance without having to use steeper terrain. National Alpine Ski Camp has the Mt. Hood snowcat drivers custom-build rollers at GS distance (25 meters), and we run Giant Slalom and Slalom in the rollers to develop proper movement patterns.

NASC uses more salt than any other camp to ensure a quality, safe training experience. We used more than 40,000 pounds of salt in 2013 in our surface preparation. All NASC courses and gate drills are set by our FIS-level coaches and allow the athletes to maximize ski performance.

Integrated Approach to Ski Camp Training

National Alpine Ski Camp coaches are teachers. We use modern gate progressions (easier to more difficult) to maximize proper movement patterns. We also use drills and skill development progressions to build each of the primary movements (skills). We then integrate the newly developed skills back into the athlete’s technique. In the evenings, we watch tactical lectures with video analysis, and then rollerblade in gates to practice what we have learned. From there, we take it to the hill, free-skiing and then skiing into the gates. We drive go-carts to practice and execute the tactics we have learned, and then on to the snow and into the ski race course.