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Tips for Maintaining and Tuning Your Ski Equipment
Tips for Maintaining and Tuning Your Ski Equipment

As ski camp season draws near, it's essential to ensure that your ski equipment is in top condition for optimal performance on the slopes. Proper maintenance and tuning can make a significant difference in your skiing experience by enhancing control, stability and safety. At National Alpine Ski Camps, our coaches teach the importance of starting each season with ski equipment that is in excellent condition, finely tuned and ready for peak performance on the slopes. In this guide, we'll explore essential tips for maintaining and tuning your ski equipment to help you make the most of your time on the mountain.

Equipment Inspection

Before hitting the slopes, start by inspecting your ski equipment thoroughly. Check for any signs of damage, including cracks, delamination or base damage. Pay close attention to the edges and bindings as well. Addressing any issues promptly can prevent further damage and ensure a safer skiing experience.


Waxing your skis regularly is crucial for smooth gliding and better control on the snow. Choose the appropriate wax based on the snow conditions, whether it's cold, warm or all-temperature wax. Here's a simple waxing process to follow:

  1. Clean the base of your skis using a base cleaner to remove dirt and old wax.
  2. Apply the wax evenly using a waxing iron, following the manufacturer's instructions. Let it cool before scraping off the excess wax with a scraper.
  3. Finally, brush the base with a ski brush to achieve a smooth finish.

Over time, the base of your skis can oxidize and become dry, leading to decreased performance and diminished glide. Regular waxing helps to moisturize and rejuvenate the base, preventing oxidation and maintaining optimal performance.

Edge Sharpening

Sharp edges provide better grip on the snow, especially on icy terrain. Regular edge sharpening is essential to maintain control and stability while skiing. Here's how to sharpen your ski edges effectively:

  1. Secure your skis in a stable position using a vise or clamping device.
  2. Use a file or edge sharpening tool to sharpen the edges at a consistent angle (usually around 88-90 degrees) from tip to tail.
  3. Take care to maintain the same angle and pressure throughout the process for uniform sharpness.
  4. Finish by removing any burrs with a fine-grit diamond stone or ceramic stone.

Once the edges are sharpened and deburred, visually inspect them to ensure they are smooth, even and free from any imperfections. Run your fingers along the edges to feel for any remaining burrs or rough spots. If you're unsure about sharpening your edges yourself, we recommend that you seek assistance from a certified ski technician or professional ski shop.

Binding Check

A binding check is a procedure performed to ensure that ski bindings are properly adjusted and functioning correctly. Ski bindings are designed to release in specific situations, such as during a fall or sudden impact, to help prevent injuries such as knee or leg sprains. A binding check typically involves several steps:

  1. Inspect your ski bindings regularly for signs of wear or damage, such as loose screws or cracked components.
  2. Adjust the bindings according to your weight, skiing style and skill level. Seek assistance from a certified technician if needed.
  3. Perform a release check to ensure that your bindings release properly in case of a fall. This can be done using a release calibration device or by a professional ski technician.

It's essential to perform a binding check regularly, especially at the beginning of each ski season or after any significant changes in weight, boot size or skiing ability. Properly adjusted bindings can help prevent injuries and provide a safer skiing experience. If you're unsure how to perform a binding check, it's recommended to seek assistance from a certified ski technician or professional ski shop.

By following these tips for maintaining and tuning your ski equipment, you can ensure optimal performance and safety on the slopes. Remember to inspect your equipment regularly, wax your skis appropriately, sharpen the edges for better grip, and check your bindings for proper adjustment. With well-maintained ski equipment, you'll be ready to tackle any terrain and enjoy a memorable skiing experience all year long.


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NASC is where I love to train! They do an excellent job of athlete development. I think the world of their program-best training, lanes, and courses on Mt. Hood. The team really knows what they're doing. They set up terrain-specific skill development training that helps the athletes improve fast.
- Deb Armstrong, former U.S. Ski Team World Cup Alpine Ski Racer & Olympic Gold Medalist
I grew up going to NASC every summer and couldn’t wait for my kids to experience it too. It's proven to be just as much fun for them as it was for me 25-years ago! The on-hill experience is top-notch, the coaching staff is wonderful, and the after-ski activities make it the summer camp experience that kids dream of. All of the kids had so much fun, were safe, and improved so much!
- Jody Curtis, Former NASC Athlete and Park City Ski Team Parent
All 3 of my kids have gone to NASC Fall and Summer camps for years. They still attend and absolutely love it! The Coaches at NASC can make any skier, at any ability level, better. The coaches' knowledge of modern skiing and surface preparation is unmatched. NASC coaches really care about each and every athlete and share their passion for the sport.
- Mike Regrut, Parent of Telluride Ski Team Athlete & D1 Racer
NASC was one of the best decisions I've ever made on behalf of my son. His first stay away from family was with NASC at age 11. The experience far exceeded my expectations. The coaches and training are best-in-class. NASC is by far his favorite camp and ski training experience. Our ski team now sends multiple athletes to NASC.
- Derek Stagner, Hidden Valley Ski Team Parent & Board President
Brad taught me a lot on the snow! What a wealth of knowledge!
- Sandy Perrins, Stratton Mountain School & Bates College Ski Racer
It’s such an amazing camp. It’s low key enough to make people feel like they belong, no matter their skill level, and has such great structure and such keen coaches - that every athlete will be challenged and inspired to learn. Our family highly recommends the NASC camps! Brad and his team create the type of environment we want for our kids – top-notch athletics, coupled with lots of good, summer fun!
- Tabitha Andersen, Vail Ski Club Parent
Excellent coaches, cover all aspects of technical ski racing. Beautiful wonderland-like campus. Highly recommend for kids from 9 and up.
- Paul Yeh, Parent of Camper / Ski Racer
The NASC camp was such a great adventure for all the campers! The coaching staff is top notch, the training venue and “base camp” were perfect. Tons of fun and very productive all the way around!
- Erik Schlopy, U.S. Ski Team Member & Olympic Bronze Medalist
As a member of the Czech Ski Team, I experienced many organizations and international ski competitions. WithNASC, I saw a different level of preparation and professionalism that fascinated me. Improvement happened naturally as their coaching is based on fundamental development.
- Hana Malotinova, Czech Ski Team
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