Outline 1 Day Deschultes

We meet at the rendezvous point at 10:00 am.

Your Mt. Hood river rafting trip begins with travel to the put in at Harpham Flats, an orientation talk and a safety lecture. After this we divide up into our boat groups, stow our gear, put on our life jackets and begin learning how to maneuver the boat. Your guide will show you the techniques needed to navigate the river and to get the most fun out of your Mt. Hood whitewater rafting trip.

The first part of the day includes learning proper paddle technique, running Wapinita and Boxcar rapids and perfecting our water fighting skills. At approximately noon we stop along the rivers edge for a delicious deli style or BBQ lunch. After lunch it’s back to the boats in search of more white water excitement. Surf City, Oak Springs, White River, Roller Coaster and Lower Elevator are the rapids of choice. If you want we’ll stop for an exciting swim through Upper Elevator. Seeing 5-foot high waves from eye level is an awesome experience!  In between the rapids there is the opportunity to swim, relax and enjoy the scenery as we float along in calm pools.

At Sandy Beach we get in the bus for a short portage around the awesome class six waterfall, Shears Falls. We put back in at Buck Hollow for three more exciting rapids (Upper and Lower Trestles and Wreck rapids) while experiencing the scenic lower river canyon.

Your Mt. Hood rafting trip ends at Pine Tree take out at approximately 4 pm. We provide transportation back to the rendezvous point and the All-Star Lodge where you can change and get organized for your trip home.

Deschutes River Rafting from All Star Rafting on Vimeo.


  • Tennis shoes or neoprene booties
  • Sunscreen and Chapstick (SPF 15)
  • Sun hat
  • T-shirt and nylon shorts or a bathing suit if the weather is warm and sunny
  • Synthetic pile sweater and windbreaker if the weather is cool or cloudy
  • Secure strap for eye glasses (Croakies or chums)
  • Change of clothes for drive home including a second pair of shoes