Copper Mountain consistently offers some of the very best snow conditions in the world during the month of November. World class teams come from all over the world to train at Copper Mountain in Colorado. Join us at our Copper Mountain fall training camp for some excellent early-season ski training to get the edge on your competition.

Copper Mountain’s grooming department maintains and perfects our Copper Mountain ski school training slope on Copperopolis and Rosie’s run ( world cup venue ) to ensure hard snow and quality training daily. Copper boasts one of the largest snow-making systems in the world so the snow is guaranteed as long as it is 32 degrees or colder. An early winter is expected around the country and we will be “on top of the world” at Copper Mountain ski camp again this November.


Start your day with an awesome breakfast at Jack’s in the base of the ski training facility, followed by quality free skiing, drills, and instruction by our passionate and highly talented Ski Camp coaches. The Copper Mountain ski racing camp then moves into three hours of gate training each day on Copper’s high-speed quad chairlift. Round out your day with a video review session with detailed movement analysis with your ski camp coach to get you focused for the next day. Finally, a workout at the private health club and a soak in the pool or hot tub is in order.

Our time at Copper Mountain offers some of the highest possible quality training and skiing. The camp is known for its fun and all-mountain skiing environment combined with its serious, focused attitude and safe training each and every day. At the NASC fall ski camp, you will train GS and SL. The day will include free-skiing, drill work, and gate training. We also have a 6-to-1 athlete-to-coach ratio.


Full Program

(All Inclusive Price)

Day Program(Food and Lodging Not Included)

Copper Mountain Colorado Session

(8 day program)

11/23 – 11/30




Fall Training Camp at Copper Mountain Colorado

8-Day Ski Camp Program $2,495

Day Program $1995 (Includes everything but food and lodging)

At the NASC fall ski camp, you will train GS and SL. The day will include free-skiing, drill work and gate training. We also have a 6-to-1 athlete-to-coach ratio.

NASC Activities at the Colorado Ski Camp & Ski Resort

If you want the complete Copper Mountain vacation rentals packages, lodging and everything within walking distance, the Village at Copper Mountain is for you. With special access to the health club at the base of our ski training area, our campers will have a chance to have indoor dry land each afternoon. Daily video analysis of gate ski training is so valuable for improvement. Curfew at 9:30 PM is enforced so the athletes get enough rest to perform at the highest level. At NASC, you will find everything you could ever want in a ski racing camp. Improvement is guaranteed!

NASC Ski Resort Lodging at the Colorado Ski Camp

Copper Mountain Village is known for its fine lodging and vacation rentals. NASC has seven gold level condos in the Center Village (super nice). You can choose from your own private hotel room (upgrade fee) or you stay with the other campers in the shared lodging with your choice of roommates. Prices will be adjusted if you provide your own lodging during ski camp.

NASC Emphasis at the Colorado Ski Camp

Breakfast is provided by Copper Mountain in one of their on mountain cafeteria facilities (Jack’s). Choose from a full hot breakfast or just grab a quick power snack on your way up the lift. Lunch and dinner are fixed in the main slope side condo in the Center Village.

Ski Camp Registration, Attendance, & Ski Training Quality

The NASC Colorado ski training program fills up fast due to the popularity of the ski camp. You are encouraged to register early so we can maintain our 6-to-1 athlete-to-coach ratio.

Our ski camp coaches know all the areas at Copper Mountain and will ensure that you enjoy your time on and off the slopes. The Excellerator lift on our training arena has a 6-minute turn-around time, allowing for numerous gate training runs.

Modern Slalom and Giant Slalom will be our primary focus at ski camp. NASC uses only SPM gates and prides itself on safe, well maintained modern courses. New technique, equipment, race line, modern ski tuning and warm ups will be discussed.

All of our full time Mt. Hood ski camp staff will be with us in Colorado, so you can expect the same amazing coaching and support each and every day. You can view their profiles on the Coaches and Staff page.


Copper Mountain Ski Racing Camp

If you’re looking for ways to improve your ski racing skills and you’re interested in honing your talent on glorious Copper Mountain, you’ll enjoy learning more about the NASC ski racing programs offered at this highly-rated ski hill. When you choose to train at Copper Mountain, you’ll be able to select the perfect training modules for your personal skill level, age and goals.

Since the personalized training programs which are offered through NASC feature caring, professional coaching and the most impressive and pristine race terrain, they are fine choices for ski racing aficionados from all walks of life. In addition, these Copper Mountain programs are the most affordable ski racing camp available in beautiful Colorado State.

Enjoy Personalized Training Programs

In order to develop as an athlete, you need to select the best ski racing camp. To get the expert instruction that you deserve, you must select training that is personalized just for you. When you choose Copper Mountain ski racing schools which are administered via the NASC, you’ll access customized programs that will allow you to become the ski racer that you dream of being.

Since your coaches will analyze your performance as your training evolves and then adjust their programs in order to suit your individual pace of learning (as well as your fitness level and individual goals), it will be possible to enjoy the ultimate in ski racing training. In addition, every Copper Mountain racing training program will feature a safe and supportive environment that allows you to develop the confidence that you need in order to achieve at the highest level.

These programs are available to suit different ages and skill levels, so they offer tailored instruction that is designed to push you past barriers and give you the speed, style and savvy that you need to dazzle bystanders as you traverse the beginner, intermediate and expert ski racing terrain of Copper Mountain. Whether you want to polish your amateur skills or train for professional competitions, you’ll get the care and support that you need through NASC-sponsored training programs.

Access Cutting-edge Training Tools

In order to help you become a superior ski racer, coaches will utilize a range of training tools, including videotape, personal instruction and one-on-one discussions about goals and expectations. You’ll be an integral part of the process as you communicate your experiences and needs to your coaching team. When you choose affordable Copper Mountain ski racing schools, vacation rentals packages, lodging; you’ll get superlative instruction that helps you to ski with agility, grace and confidence.

Now that you know more about the best ski racing schools on Copper Mountain, why not sign on for your own ski racing school experience today?