Enjoy A Fantastic Learning Experience At The NASC Summer Ski Camp

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The NASC summer ski camp Canada offers you the prime chance to develop your skiing skills. What sets this camp apart from others is the environment. Beautiful snow-clad mountains that are complimented by tough learning tracks. You can be sure of learning the best skiing techniques by enrolling here.

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Why Should You Enroll Into The NASC Ski Camp Summer Program?

The unique learning feature here is the custom wave track, which has been built with the assistance of Timberline Snow Cat Operators. The track is built every season for the purpose of helping skiers learn accurate skiing movement, especially those preparing for races. This track helps skiers learn the best offensive and attacking movement patterns. After a couple of weeks on the track they will gain skills to become a competent and skilled skier and can take on tough racing challenges.

The teaching methodology is the best because it is based on the USSA/PSIA training method. Only the best and most experienced professionals are employed as skiers here. The summer ski camp training sessions are very intensive giving you in-depth knowledge on what you need to know to become an adept skier and to take on any challenges on the slopes successfully. During your daily session a video is taken of your movements, which is analyzed with your teacher later. The teacher will point out what needs to be done to improve your performance.


One thing about training here is that not only do you learn the best skiing techniques, you can also enroll into other adventure programs such as golfing, white water rafting, rock climbing, wind surfing, mountain biking and much more. Getting into other physical activities enables you to increase physical stamina and gets you across to outdoor adventures where you can enjoy fun and excitement. Other ski camp training programs in Canada do not offer you so many activities, learning opportunity as NASC. Enroll right away to have a fantastic learning experience here.