Mount Hood Summer Ski Training Camps

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Each day of training NASC campers participate in several aspects of ski training. A free ski warm up is followed by skills work and free skiing mixed with gate drills and courses. This proven format allows the racers to simultaneously work on fundamental skill development, modern racing tactics and strategies on each run.

NASC summer camp 2014

Our gate progressions (graduating difficulty) and athlete centered methodology allow the NASC athletes to develop skills and confidence while having fun and running lots of gates. NASC summer camp coaches will custom tailor a ski training program for each athlete targeted at their specific level of motivation, understanding and movements. A low athlete-to-coach ratio allows NASC coaches to effectively coach to each athlete’s individual needs. Each evening ski groups meet with their coaches for a video movement analysis. This process provides NASC athletes with a model and a solid understanding of what to practice during the next morning’s warm-up time.

Registration is still open! See the schedule here and register online.