Ski Camps On The Mount Hood

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If you are tired of searching for a family vacation spot for this summer in the blue mountains of the northwest, Mt. Hood stands out as one the most spellbinding places to camp in winter season. Mt. Hood offers an enormous and white meadow of fluffy snow for ski racers. Amongst the numerous ski camps on the Mt. Hood, National Alpine Ski Camp offers plenty of different camping programmes and basic ski racing sessions. These sessions are for all ages, perfectly suiting a complete family!

Camping On The Mount Hood

This is the only ski camp that has handpicked an all-star group of experienced coaches who provide world class coaching. They are proficient in utilising the terrain for proper movement. They impart skills to everyone, children to adults and beginners to veterans, so that nobody feels left-out. These sessions are conducted under 24/7 supervision to ensure fun and learning in the lines of safety.

Reasons Why NASC Stands Out:

  • Invests Time And Money In Modern Movement Skill Development
    This is the only camp that invests ample time and money to coach the campers by the experts. They hire Timberline Snow Cat operators to build a custom wave track to facilitate proper movement patterns. This helps the camping participants to develop and polish their skills of movement in all types of terrains.
  • Opportunity Of Individuality
    Campers who are young or adults get to express their individuality by getting proper attention of the coaches. The athelete to coach ratio is is just 6:1 that helps addressing the campers’ individual training needs.
  • Private, Safe And Secluded Campus
    The lodging and the after ski activities take place in the vast area of 2 acres, on the Salmon river front. It is a secluded harmonious place with ample space under 24/7 survellience to ensure safety and peace.

Here, one can access professional coaching of the most impressive caliber and polish one’s skills to become the best skier. Endowed with the aforesaid advantages, NASC builds an edge over the other summer camps on the Mount Hood.

Armed with this information, I am sure that SkiCamping would be something to with Family…