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Copper Mountain Snow Conditions Spellbound The Visitors With Natural Charm
Copper Mountain Snow Conditions Spellbound The Visitors With Natural Charm

Copper Mountain is a paradise for snow lovers, with majestic mountains smeared with fluffy soft snow and to encounter the white retreats of the season. The quiet snowy slopes and the astonishing snow conditions offer a world class experience of cruising on snow with numerous ski trails. The mesmerizing view of the powdered snow caressing the earth and the natural aura for snow bound activities calls for a visit for all snow enthusiasts. Skiing is the most winsome sport in Copper Mountain snow conditions.

copper mountain snow report

Wondrous miracles of Copper Mountain snow conditions and its snowy charisma

Holiday season welcomes the wintry snowy conditions at Copper Mountain. Knee deep powder of about ten inches each day gets collected which is great for skiing. With an average snowfall of over 30 feet per year, Copper Mountain snow conditions kindle the desire to explore the enchanting snow covered ascents. There is a measureable amount of snowfall almost more than half of the year. Apart from winter months, a lot of snow falls in the spring. At times it gets difficult to predict the amount of snowfall which is going to fall and there is a drastic difference between the actual falls. Copper Mountain snow conditions change from to time, and rare occurrences of thunder-snow along with lighting can be witnessed. Before hitting the slopes, it is advisable to get a comprehensive weather and snow report to apprehend the ski conditions.

Copper Mountain snow conditions are seasonal miracles full of mystery and uncertainty. The delight of walking in a winter snowfall is heavenly. Skiers feel the rush of adrenaline while skiing down the astounding silvery white Copper Mountains.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
I grew up going to NASC every summer and couldn’t wait for my kids to experience it too. It's proven to be just as much fun for them as it was for me 25-years ago! The on-hill experience is top-notch, the coaching staff is wonderful, and the after-ski activities make it the summer camp experience that kids dream of. All of the kids had so much fun, were safe, and improved so much!
- Jody Curtis, Former NASC Athlete and Park City Ski Team Parent
All 3 of my kids have gone to NASC Fall and Summer camps for years. They still attend and absolutely love it! The Coaches at NASC can make any skier, at any ability level, better. The coaches' knowledge of modern skiing and surface preparation is unmatched. NASC coaches really care about each and every athlete and share their passion for the sport.
- Mike Regrut, Parent of Telluride Ski Team Athlete & D1 Racer
NASC was one of the best decisions I've ever made on behalf of my son. His first stay away from family was with NASC at age 11. The experience far exceeded my expectations. The coaches and training are best-in-class. He'll be attending for his 4th year in 2021. NASC is by far his favorite camp and ski training experience. Our ski team now sends multiple athletes to NASC.
- Derek Stagner, Hidden Valley Ski Team Parent & Board President
Brad taught me a lot on the snow! What a wealth of knowledge!
- Sandy Perrins, Stratton Mountain School & Bates College Ski Racer
It’s such an amazing camp. It’s low key enough to make people feel like they belong, no matter their skill level, and has such great structure and such keen coaches - that every athlete will be challenged and inspired to learn. Our family highly recommends the NASC camps! Brad and his team create the type of environment we want for our kids – top-notch athletics, coupled with lots of good, summer fun!
- Tabitha Andersen, Vail Ski Club Parent
Excellent coaches, cover all aspects of technical ski racing. Beautiful wonderland-like campus. Highly recommend for kids from 9 and up.
- Paul Yeh, Parent of Camper / Ski Racer
The NASC camp was such a great adventure for all the campers! The coaching staff is top notch, the training venue and “base camp” were perfect. Tons of fun and very productive all the way around!
- Erik Schlopy, U.S. Ski Team Member & Olympic Bronze Medalist
As a member of the Czech Ski Team, I experienced many organizations and international ski competitions. WithNASC, I saw a different level of preparation and professionalism that fascinated me. Improvement happened naturally as their coaching is based on fundamental development.
- Hana Malotinova, Czech Ski Team
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