Copper Mountain Ski School

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Learning with Copper Mountain Ski School is no Less Than an Adventure

If you are keen in learning skiing and like to hit the slopes regularly, then there is nothing better than the professional help that Ski schools impart. Whether you are experienced skier of 10+ years or a beginner, we all have to learn at some point of time. The initial fear we tasted, combined with excitement and anticipation is an experience we all cherish, regardless of the age when we rode our first chairlift and ran down the bunny hill. Copper Mountain ski school is there not only for the first time skiers to make their first lesson productive and enjoyable but also for the seasoned skiers who cherish skiing to the fullest. Copper Mountain ski school is a paradise for ski lovers who love to spend their whole day enjoying anything their heart desire.

NASC Emphasis at Colorado Ski Camp

Copper Mountain is located in the heart of Summit County, Colorado, about 120 Km west of Denver. Copper Mountain has the largest ski-able area with 2,465 ski-able acres, 140 trails, and a peak height of 12,313 feet. Some of the Copper Mountain ski school offers quality training programs under the guidance of highly talented ski coaches with 6-to-1 athlete-to-coach ratio. Training camps at Copper Mountain offer free skiing, gate training and drill work along with a workout at the private heath club. Gate training session is of three hours each day on Copper mountain’s high-speed quad chairlift. These ski camps undertake daily video analysis of gate ski training to check your progress in the training process. 8-Day Ski training program starting from 11/19 to 11/26 at Copper Mountain Colorado. For full program you have to spend $2295 and a day program will cost you $1895. Vacations at Copper mountain are an excellent way to get the family and friends together, kick start that learning curve and enjoy the camaraderie of skiing with those of your ability.