Summer Ski Camp Program Mt Hood for Canada

Are you seeking a fun yet professional skiing course in Canada? Do you have good skiing experience but want to know those techniques which make you an expert and give that edge when riding through the snow? With NASC, you have all the reasons to feel thrilled and exhilarated about pursuing the best ski activities have to offer. Join our ski race camp right away and learn to ski like a professional. We offer outstanding ski training facilities, which simply cannot be matched by any other training camp in the country.

When you come to us, you get nothing but the best in ski training facilities. Our state-of-the-art ski camp will show you the ropes on all that you have to learn about skiing. Beautiful snow landscape, experienced trainers and innovative practice tracks where you can really sharpen your ski skills – These are the main features of our very popular ski camp and there are much more.

What Makes Our Ski Camp Training The Best In The Country?

Our prime importance is on safety and we put in place all those measures by which you will feel secure while training. Even when you do the most difficult moves, safety precautions are always in place to ensure that there is no injury in the learning process. We also make sure that your entire learning session with us is fun. So every time you get into learning session you will not just be imbibing new skills you will also be enjoying the time spent, which makes a big difference to the entire learning process. We don’t make every class a boring session of just learning movements, but one that is interactive and engaging. Our NASC training sessions are designed to motivate you further, and make you get into skiing deeper so that you learn everything that has to be know about it and become a skilled skier.

Our campus is private and safe, so you can be rest assured that the time that you spend with us is wonderful and that you will be well taken care of, while you learn. We have our own lodging where you can enjoy the best comforts and food. The lodging is part of our river front property, where you can also indulge in after ski activities. The property is beautiful and blends into the surrounding wilderness. Staying here is an experience that you can never forget.

Our Custom Wave Track Helps Develop The Best Skiing Abilities

One of the distinct features of our NASC summer camp program is the custom wave track, which is built with assistance from Timberline Snow Cat Operators every season. The purpose of this track is to bring about accurate movement patterns for Slalom courses and GS. The reason why we spend time and money in building such a track is to teach learners the best skiing abilities. Our custom track has offensive and attacking movement patterns that will assist in good skill development. The challenges posed by these patterns helps learners to gain abilities that will be of immense assistance when they actually take to the slopes.

Ski Camp Program at Mt Hood

Coaching From The Experts

In order to become a good skier, you need coaching from the experts. You also need personalized attention. In our NASC ski camp, we assign only a small number of students to a single teacher. There is a 4:1 ratio for students to teacher, enabling teachers to give more attention to every student. The coach will be able to ascertain your skills and understanding of skiing movement quickly. They will teach you how to improve and also help you learn how to use ski equipment skillfully.

The coaches can also give customize training sessions according to your specific needs. We follow USSA/PSIA training methodology hence the kind of guidance you obtain here is far superior from what is seen in other ski camps. We employ the most skilled professionals for teaching. Our teachers are working professionals and not retired teachers; you will be learning from people who have been associated with skiing for many years. Some of them are retired World Ski Champions and have represented their countries in skiing competitions.

Get Into Exciting Cross-Training Sessions

An interesting feature about our training sessions is that we teach you not just the best skiing techniques, but also other activities such as mountain biking, water rafting, golfing, rock climbing, wind surfing. Getting skills in such activities enhances your physical strength. It also gives you exposure to various types of terrains, which increases your confidence and enhances your abilities to take on physical challenges with greater strength. These cross training sessions are fun and adventurous and their purpose is to build your confidence and balance physical skills. You will be surprised at the different kinds of things that you will learn when you undergo these sessions. The refreshing natural beauty of the surroundings, coupled with expert coaching will make each activity exciting and wonderful.

Learn To Become A Top Skier From Us

Our training camp is different from others because we teach you the abilities that are needed to become a top class skier. Due to the advanced facilities that we offer, your athletic abilities will enhance manifold. We offer various tools through which you can learn the best skiing techniques, tips and tricks. The high level of training that we offer here is seconded by none other and that’s why our camp is used not just intermediate ski learners but those who are training for ski races. A couple of sessions here is enough for racers to be competent to face any challenges that they have in their upcoming races.

Our Mt.Hood summer ski camp training programs are designed to suit the needs of our trainers. We provide a full program that offers various benefits to learners. These include coaching, gate training, lift tickets, lodging, food, transport and 24 hours supervision. Those who do not want to opt for this program can undertake the day camp course where they can get gate training, coaching, lift tickets and video analysis. Food is offered for an extra fee. The video analysis helps perfect the techniques and allows the trainers to focus on your specific problem areas to offer their specific insight.

Our most popular program is Double and Multi sessions. It is similar to the 10 day program, with the only difference being that it gives more time to practice, thus enabling you to learn at a much slower pace. There is more repetition and practice here, enough to make them get sharpen skiing skills. These sessions give opportunity for improvement like nowhere else and are quite popular with returning campers.

When you learn to ski from our training facility you are getting nothing but the best facilities and training. Our location at Mt.Hood is a definite advantage because it gives ski training all round the year. Our facilities comprise of 2500' vertical and two express quad chairs, which enable you to get extensive impressive training in a very short while.

Our Mount Hood skiing training camp was established in 1979 and since then we have grown into the most popular destination in America for Ski training. What you get from us is the ultimate learning experience both on and off the mountain. The enriching experience that you gain here will serve you well; whether you are using the skills learn for pleasure or for professional reasons.

Who Can Join Our Ski Training Camp?

Anyone who has skied before and wants to further refine their skills and learn the nuances of the sport, wishes to learn the tips and tricks of the trade is welcome at NASC. Training is also tailored according to leaner experience which can be intermediate or advanced. Those looking to push their Skiing skills to the next level are welcome to come and train here at NASC under the tutelage of coaches who have years of experience under their belts and can refine any learners' skills to make them the best.

Our Camp Is Exciting And Helps Develop Various Physical Skills

We offer plenty of activities in the afternoon to keep you engaged such as rock climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing, tennis, field sports, challenge course etc, which are free of cost. During your time here you can easily communicate with your family back home, using the Magic Jack facility.  The lodging is very comfortable and the food that we offer is fresh and fabulous. If you want to enjoy a world class training session, come to us. You will get complete satisfaction and get physically fit in a way that you have never experienced before.

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